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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Finding Gold with Google Earth pt.3

Tweaking Google Earth's Settings

Google Earth can also be used to find gold without add-ons. A few simple adjustments and one can unviel a treasure-trove of hidden gold deposits! After doing some extensive studying on ancient river beds and bench deposits, a lightbulb popped on in my head. The newest version of Google Earth has an option to show historical imagery. Depending on the area, I have seen the imagery go as far back as 20 years! Although 20 years is not quite "ancient", one can begin to notice changes in the path of a creek. Over time the creek will erode deeper into the bedrock. Over many years of erosion, creeks change their paths and leave gold deposited high above where the creek flows today. This is known as a "bench". Adjust your Google Earth Historical Imagery bar and see what has changed with the area you prospect in. You never know what you may discover and things like this keep the prospecting hobby fun! Click on the following images to view an example of Google Earth's Historical Imagery.