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Ad Policy

You may have noticed ads within the article content, or around the blog.  The advertising is displayed in these areas for a few different reasons.

The ad revenue helps pay for expenses and operations associated with owning a website.  Such expenses include website hosting fees, domain fees, writers, widgets, giveaways, etc.  The revenue is also a way for me to earn some extra money with a side business.

What types of ads are displayed?  You’ll find ads displayed from the Google Adsense network and from other advertising partners.  In an effort to be completely transparent, a commission is received when a Google link ad is clicked, or an affiliate product is purchased.  Affiliate products are offered based on positive personal experience or based on the reviews of those I trust and respect.

The Google ads are auto generated by the Google ad network based on the content on the page you’re reading.  I don’t have control over which ads are displayed, but I can block inappropriate ads.   So, if you find an ad you think may be inappropriate, please send an email to Southeasterngold[at] and provide the title and website address for the ad.  I’ll do my best to check it out and block it.

Overall, it is best to assume all products mentioned in the articles are from affiliate partners.